"Another day closer!"
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I am so in love with my husband, I can’t even put it to words. But here is a photo of us.
theworldofbree: So I'm getting married in less than 2 weeks. I invited all of my friends that I wanted to come. And only one person said they could make it! When I was supposed to get married last year all my friends were willing to skip class and drop whatever they were doing to come to my wedding! I just feel like they don't even care about me :(

Did you give them enough notice? It’s hard to expect people to skip class even though they were willing to do it before. Also the beginning of the school year can be a hard time to try and travel. Just enjoy the day with your soon to be husband and take lots of pictures to share with your friends and family!


sarah-inspace: Feeling mega bad for my hubby right now. He was in the field last week training for EFMB (expert field medical badge), and during night landnav he kicked a tree stump and injured his ankle. After running and rucking on if for the next too days, it was so painful he could barely walk. He went and saw the doctor they had and found out he has tendonitis in Achilles and that he could either stay and risk tearing it or come home. He's been training for this badge for months and he can't go again unti

next March. He missed my birthday (for the second year in a row) just to be able to go to this, only to find out that he wasn’t going to be allowed to finish. He just got home on saturday and he’s been quiet and moody the whole time. I made him all of his favorite foods and told him he could talk to me if he wanted, but nothing. I know I just have to wait it out, but I hate doing that haha


Aw man that so stinks! I can imagine how upset he is, but at least he’ll have the chance to try again! Not a lot of people get to do that. Tendonitis is no joke so he made the right choice. Giving him his space right now is good, but don’t let him wallow in self pity too long!


sarah-inspace: About the overseas packets and all that, here's a few things I figured out about it too: The no-fee passport is required, but if you already have a normal passport, you can fly on your normal one and have the no-fee mailed to you. Also, you can get it in the travel office of the nearest base if there's one close to you. You might have to go there to get your plane ticket anyways so you can do both at the same time. That's what I did. And about the medical packet and all that, your husband can

track its progress by talking to his command about it. My husband checked once a week and thank god he did because apparently ours got shoved under some papers on a desk and if he hadn’t been asking about it then it could have been weeks because someone noticed it.


Yeah I was just telling her about the no-fee specifically, because she needs it and if she doesn’t have a passport at all she won’t be able to book a ticket. I wasn’t with my husband when I had to do all this and the closest base was an hour away so I wanted to give her other options in case the obvious wasn’t available. Wow that’s lucky he checked because those packets take long enough as it is! I called every week to check on my passport and they would just give me the run around. Thanks for the extra tips!



So Flippen Happy


I got to hear from Chad today!!!! So flippin excited!!! Not being able to hear from him for the last two weeks has been kinda difficult. I was definitely spoiled before deployment. Life of a military relationship!! Hopefully this time it isnt longer hahh. Crossing my fingers!!

We’re all so glad you got to hear from him! We hope that you’re both doing well!

I can relate..


It never fails… you’ll spend an entire deployment waiting for the time to pass and just wishing it would hurry up and then as those final days approach, you’ll run around trying to accomplish all the little tasks you want or need to do, thinking you’ve lost all your marbles. LOL

Half way around the world


he brightens my day even with a single “Hey Baby.”

The next few months are going to be tough with little to know communication but we’ll get through it :)

Always one day, one week, one month closer to the time I get to see him.