"Another day closer!"
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that-marines-girlfriend: Today was only day 3 of 10 of my marine's first field op. His phone died today because he has no way to charge it in the field. I don't live with him so that's the sole way we keep in contact. Any suggestions about getting through the rest of the week without being too sad and mopey?

Girllll you need to get him one of those solar powered or battery powered phone chargers. I think the battery powered ones are cheaper but you gotta stock up on batteries. Anyways, try planning to do one productive thing for each day that you’re waiting. Like thoroughly clean your room, start that book you’ve been wanting to read, plan a movie or lunch day with your friends, have a night where you buy your favorite candies and just watch funny movies in your favorite pjs, go get your nails done, just do things that you enjoy and make you feel good! But actually plan out on which days you’re going to do each thing so you have a little something to look forward to besides seeing your man :)


Anonymous: Okay so. My husband is taking leave to come help me move down. Usually, they'll reimburse him for his plane ticket. Since we're driving back, will try reimburse us for gas? Not essential that they do, I was just wondering. (:

It’s hard to say honestly because I don’t know your whole situation. Are you on his orders for his current duty station? Or has he been there for a while and you just got married and are moving in? If you are on his orders they will typically reimburse him when you guys file all the paperwork. When I moved to Japan they even wanted to know if I took a taxi to the airport or not so they could reimburse for that too.



People always say “I couldn’t do it.” when I talk about deployment. But it’s like waiting for everything you’ve ever wanted and everything that makes your life make sense.


I’m forever yours….faithfully.😍🇺🇸
beinghealthyandlovingyourself: It is official! WE ARE DATING!!! :) EEEKKK! this can be private or posted either or is great!!! YES! haha

Congrats!!!! :)

youloveme-iloveyou-harder: Was wondering if there were any lovely milsos in New Mexico, in the Alamogordo/Las Cruces area. Just moved down here for school and would love to get to know some of ya!

Message her if you’re in the area!!

obnoxiousnoodle: Okay, I'm really looking for some feedback on this question. My fiance is heading to Miramar, CA in a few weeks for his C-School. There will be a roughly two month long wait for him to class up. I'm wondering if anyone has ANY knowledge of how lenient Miramar is with giving RA?!?!?! I knew when he went to Pensacola, FL that there was virtually no chance if him getting RA, and am hoping that Miramar isn't the same way. He hasn't been home since January! Thank you :)

According to my boothang it is actually really slim to get RA (or any other non-holiday leave) while in school (for the Marine Corps, anyway). It doesn’t matter where they are at, it has more to do with the fact that they don’t want to have to catch up one person with the rest of the class again and blah blah blah. I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, I’m sorry! It never hurts to try, but it’s just a matter of schooling conflicts on whether it is approved or not.