"Another day closer!"
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Anonymous: Ahh church tonight. Love love love Easter. Hope y'all have a blessed weekend :) “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24

Easter is always so beautiful! Have a wonderful evening and a great Good Friday!! :)


h a p p y f r i d a y !

Jordan and I just finished putting our kitchen table together, which I am sooo stoked about because it’s been almost 9 months without a table haha 

I will be on for a couple of hours right now then on my phone later on when I head on over to work to meet up with my coworkers for dinner and some drinks!

Have any plans tonight? :)


Anonymous: My ex is coming home soon and we've been talking a lot these past few weeks. He really wants to see me while he's home too. I'm incredibly excited to see him (I haven't seen him since we were together back around New Years) and I'm afraid that when I see him I'm going to get really excited and cry and think that we're dating and probably kiss him aha. I don't act super excited when we talk about him coming home because I don't want to seem clingy and stuff. But I still am. :x

I’m pretty sure it is totally normal to be excited like that! Especially if you two have been talking a lot recently and he wants to see you, then it looks like there are definitely things for you to be excited about! Let yourself enjoy this time and do what you feel is right for you two :)






yo gettin married at 22 sounds a lot like leavin a party at 9:30 pm

yeah but you get to leave the party with your favorite person on the planet, and take off all of your makeup, and put on your ugly comfortable clothes and make popcorn and curl up in your bed and watch a movie, and have sex and go to sleep, idk how that sounds like a bad thing.

And everyone else just wakes up alone and hungover.

this is the best thing ive ever heard

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annerbisafreak: Aw Jess, I'm so sorry :( I know how you feel! This past week has been such a stress for us as well, can't even sleep! Best thing to do is keep your eye on the positives, and keep on moving forward. I hope whatever is up, clears soon! Stress is the most unhealthy thing!

Thank you! A lot of stuff just came up at once and it’s been a rough two days and now our coonhound is sick but he seems to bye getting better!

This too shall pass.



Follow them for some awesome police pictures
Good morning milsos :)




Take a look at all the fucks he’s not giving. Unbelievable.

"I’ll wait…"

bruh got that “i make minimum wage, i aint got time for this stupid shit” face lol

"is yu gon take dis coke tho?"