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mrganleigh: In response to the post about Ft Bliss. My husband and I have lived off post at Bliss for a year now. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!


Anonymous: I'm really curious as to how kinky everyone's sex life is? What's yours like? Can you have it as an open discussion? Or can the admins talk about it?

heck yes we can all discuss this! hahah.

I would describe my sex life as a very “i’ll try anything at least once” kind of thing. I do have my limits, though. We don’t beat the shit out of each other, or anything…but that’s just us! I also refuse to have a threesome. Some people really enjoy those things, and that’s good for them. Everyone is unique when it comes to sex!

TOPIC: How kinky are you and your SO?


Anonymous: I'm afraid to join those milso pages on Facebook. They're all closed groups with 300+ people in them, but everyone is telling me to join them to meet people. I just feel so intimidated to just go ahead and join them without knowing anyone.

Join them! You can always leave the group if you don’t want to be in it. I joined several spouse Facebook pages when I moved to Yuma and I have noticed that I am not the only one who doesn’t know anyone. There are several people on there who don’t know anyone, you are not the only one I promise! They usually don’t bite much, either. ;) Seriously though, the worst that can happen is that you end up leaving the group. If you don’t want to be approached on the page, don’t post anything. It really is a good way to meet people. You will see people post things like “26, new to [the town or whatever], 2 kids, anyone want to have a play date?” and that’s how they meet people! haha. It’s nothing to be intimidated about, the people on there are usually super nice! :)


Anonymous: What do you guys see as emotional abuse? My SO isn't one to ever apologize, lately when I get confused he gets mad at me because "I wasn't listening," if I want to talk about a behavior with him he manipulates the situation and says I'm too sensitive. I tell him he hurts my feelings and my bf just acts so careless and says I'm in control of them so it's my fault for being hurt. I can't believe this...I don't know who he even is anymore :'( I know I'm not perfect, but am I like crazy? Just wimpy?

Ok, so the manipulation is the key word in this. It is easy to chalk the other things up to you two just going through a rough patch, but if he is manipulating you into making you think that things are your fault, or getting his way, that’s no good. I am not one to brush abuse under the rug, and I will tell you that if things get worse than they are now then you should really consider getting out of the relationship. Talk to him very honestly and bluntly, he may not realize he’s being so mean about things toward you. Sometimes things are hard, and so it could just be a clash going on within the relationship. You have to decide when enough is enough. I found this and this¬†for you to look at and really think about. If these types of things are something you relate to, then you REALLY need to either a. get out now, or b. get help with your SO. NEVER feel like it’s anything you’re doing, sometimes people have just never learned how to handle their feelings, emotions, or how to deal with the things that are going on with them in a healthy way. Only you know what’s going on. I hope that if you talk to him it could put some things in perspective for him, but I really hope that you don’t settle with being mistreated.


Anonymous: Just moved to El Paso a few weeks ago. My husband and I are looking for places off post that are close to Ft. Bliss. Does anyone know a few? :)

Anyone around Fort Bliss, can you help?!

twinsjunk: Ok so someone please help my my husband and I are divorcing... I haven't saved enough for a place for my son and I. He wants to go terminate housing. Can he really do that and kick me and my son out so we're homeless?

I am actually not 100% sure about this. A couple that my husband and I knew were separated and until the divorce was actually finalized she was able to stay on base in the house. I would assume they wouldn’t leave his child stranded (and it’s really sad that HE thinks it’s ok to do that to your child)…but like I’ve said, I really don’t know.

Can anyone help her out? Does she need to do anything special to be able to stay?


dancingtoasong: Jaci, I FINALLY have a date that I'll see Bryan! I thought this day would never come!!!! Lol. He'll be down here next week and I'll get to spend a weekend with him in about a month! I'm a little disappointed bc we first thought we'd have 3-4 weekends while he was in FL, but I'll take what I can get! Trying to not let myself feel bummed just bc I got my hopes up too high. I CANT WAIT! Aaaahhhh :)

AAAAAAAH STOP. I’m so excited for you, I never thought it was going to come!!!!! Hahah. I’m glad after all the wondering you finally have a for sure! I hope you have lots and lots of fun. Keep me updated on how it goes with you two! :)


Anonymous: Pt. 1 So I really need help.. So my ex, we'll call him A broke up with me back in late April, early May. We had been dating for a year and a half, Though apparently during the past 5 months he hadn't been feeling that "spark" but yet he also had/has a lot going on because he's getting out of the Army due to medical reasons. Nonetheless, I was upset and heartbroken about it and I had really thought we were done for good. Then this other guy comes a long, B, who I work with and always had a secret

Pt. 2 little crush just because he’s good looking and is nice and everybody basically loves him. Well a co worker had told me he had a crush on me and another told him I had a crush on him and before I know it, by late May we’re dating. I was perfectly happy and not even thinking of my ex because I knew I should move on and that I deserve better. My ex and I still talk here and there, and well he has definitely changed and not that same asshole as before. And I’ve come to realize that I miss him

Pt. 3 …I truly do and don’t feel as though as I’m over him and still could see a future with him… I feel like a terrible person feeling like this..but I can’t help it. A wants me back and he comes home for good soon so there wouldn’t be much of distance anymore. But I feel like shit because of B, I know he really likes me, but I know my feelings to say aren’t as strong and idk how to approach the whole thing with him. What should I do? It sucks because I know if I end things with B for A,

Pt. 4 everybody will basically hate/judge me. All my co workers, friends, my parents I could probably talk to but still, they’ll be disappointed. I just don’t know… :(


Oh, ok. I see where you’re coming from here, really. I’ll give you a short story time of my own experience similar to this!

So, while my husband and I were LDR we were really no good for each other…so we broke up. When we broke up, I basically started dating my best friend. That was all fine and dandy, until Boomer came back into the picture, similar to how your ex has done. I took the high road, knowing that I wasn’t over Boom once he came back to me and broke things off with my friend immediately after we started talking again. I knew if I was being deceptive to my friend, I would totally ruin anything we’ve ever had together, and I didn’t want that. And you want to talk about disappointment, oh my goodness. I thought my mom was about to have a stroke. hahaha. It isn’t that she dislikes Boomer, at all…it’s just that she LOVES my friend (and she still does). However, she did get over it for my happiness, and I promise you, if these people truly love you as a friend/family member, they will get over their feelings for the sake of your happiness.

Where I am getting at, is that you have to decide for yourself what is going to make you happiest. If you still have feelings for your ex, but you want to stay with B, then you need to stop communication with A completely! You two cannot even be friends, you’ll never get over him that way. However, if you know in your heart that A is who you absolutely want to be with, then be honest with B and tell him now. Don’t prolong the hurt for either of you! I advise you to really think about what you want for a couple of days; only you can make the best decision for you. Usually your ex is an ex for a reason, so don’t completely dismiss why you two broke up. You don’t want to deal with “no spark” again, so if you do decide to be with A be sure you two discuss that issue, too. Go with your gut, you know what will make you happiest. I wish you the best of luck! Don’t rush anything, and always be honest with yourself and your significant other.


Anonymous: Is anyone online? I need some advice...

I’m on, and I can try to help! What’s up, anon?


Anonymous: Not military related but I got hired at a restaurant & was told to bring my social security, birth certificate,&drivers license. But heres the thing. I only have a permit but I still drive everyday. Im 20 & yes I kno Im really slacking but me & my SO are getting stationed in our home state soon& I wanted to wait & get the license there so that I could be an official resident of my home state. I already told my job that he was in training so I cant say that he drives me. What do I do?

Do you have another form of i.d. besides your permit? Such as a government issued identification card, passport, etc? I am a manager at a restaurant and have taken other form of i.d.’s from new hires on multiple occasions. I don’t know what they will do if they find out you only have a permit but as long as you have a ride to work and are there on time and what not, there shouldn’t be much of a problem with your SO driving you. During a business day I highly doubt too much concern will rise about who dropped you off at work :)