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Anonymous: I have a question about orders. So lets say someone puts their dream base on their wish sheet list or whatever its called. you know what I mean right? How likely is it for them to get orders to the base they want?

Well it’s kind of complicated. Usually if it’s their first duty station straight out of Tech school/AIT/etc it’s pretty unlikely that they will receive their dream base. Not to say its impossible, but typically the branch will just put them wherever your SOs job is needed most.

For example my husband is in the Air Force and on his dream sheet he put all states on the east coast like North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, etc. Well he got assigned Okinawa Japan. There was nothing overseas even on his sheet. While his buddy in tech school put all overseas and got stateside.

Now if your SO is already stationed overseas like Japan, and wants to go to another overseas place like Germany, he is more likely to get sent there than someone in the states wanting Germany.

I don’t know if rank plays any role in it or if it’s different among branches, but from how it’s been explained to me I don’t think so.

My husband said basically it’s super random for the most part and is all based on the military’s need for that specific job in a specific place. If that place happens to be on your SOs dream sheet then they will try to accommodate it.


youloveme-iloveyou-harder: I am the one who asked about deployment addresses being the same. Talked to my guy and he said that everyone deployed with him in the same job field has the same address. So if anyone has the same question in the future, there's the answer! Haha.

Awesome, I’m glad you were able to find your answer! And thank you for sharing it.



ashlidivaa I was thinking the same thing! And AFN lost signal due to the storm☔️ Follow them on Facebook it’s super helpful!
whenlovefindsaway: Yeah his thank god is only there for 6 months! So even if he's miserable there I can at least cheer him up for six months! If it was 3 years like your husband I'd have a hard time keeping him from being crabby lol. Yes he is a marine (oorah) lol! I almost hope that his curfew is early because that way he will be home early to Skype with me! :) (selfish much?) but awesome Im glad your hubby is enjoying his time over there!!

Oh that’s short you guys got lucky! Six months will go by fast, he’ll get to see some neat stuff and then go back home to you. He’s coming right in the middle of Typhoon season though, he’s going to see a good amount of rain, which will be the perfect time to Skype you! :) Thank you!


youloveme-iloveyou-harder: Hello! I was wondering if any of ya knew if two people who got deployed for the same job would have the same address for everything except the name of the receiving person or whatever. Thanks!

Hi! I honestly don’t know for sure, but I would think that there is a chance that could be possible although not necessarily guaranteed, so I wouldn’t risk it. They may have shipped together but not been assigned to the same “barrack” which could affect the address when it comes to sorting. It all depends on how the deployed unit sorts mail, they may have it separated by barrack or they might just gather everyone all together and pass it out. This is just my personal guess though, hopefully someone with more experience will share!


Does anyone have a definite answer about deployed addresses for her? 

whenlovefindsaway: Did I read that your SO is currently in Okinawa? Thats where mine is getting sent August 14th! How does he like it over there? Im hoping Mike doesn't hate it to much..

Ah August 14th is so soon! Yes my husband is stationed on Okinawa for the next three years. He likes it for the most part, there are tons of things to do and the food is so good. Of course there are things he doesn’t like such as being far from everyone and everything we know, but it gets easier everyday so just remind your SO of that. From your icon it looks like your SO is a marine so it might be a little different because they are a lot more restricted here, they can’t drive unless they are a certain rank (I believe its E-6 or above but I can be wrong), and their curfew is also different. But I don’t think he will hate it!!


Hey everyone!

There is a monsoon depression(that’s a real thing) going over Okinawa today but it looks exactly the same as when we got hit by Tsumani Neoguri a couple weeks ago.

So since I’m going to be stuck inside for the most of the day/night for all of you and Cody is at work in this storm, send in any asks/brags/rants that you have!! Or pictures, I like those too.

-Trisha :)