"Another day closer!"
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Anonymous: In a week I'll be at Fort Carson and in the arms of my SO again. i have so many mixed emotions though. I'm excited to see him again and we're getting married. But I'm a nervous because this will be the first time I will be on an army base and I'm staying at the hotel on base. I feel like there's just so much I don't know. And of course my SO is in the field right now so he can't tell me I'm being silly and have nothing to worry about.

Ahh thats so exciting congratulations!!! You have nothing to worry about! Just focus on the fact that you’ll get to see your man soon!! If you have any questions I live on fort carson so I can try to answer then for you!! When I first started dating my husband I hadn’t ever been on a military base and I remember it being really nerve wracking! As long as you have your ID you shouldn’t have any problem :) we have been on high security for about a month so don’t worry if the mp’s seem super serious and ask for your ID at the gates even when you’re with your SO. I promise it’s really not that different then a normal place and I’m sure your SO will make you feel comfortable when you get here!! Have so much fun and definitely share some pictures!!!


marinewife723: Hi Jaci :D we are hoping to be stationed in NC but he hasn't gotten orders yet. Well, he isn't even out of boot camp yet. Lol

Hi doll!
Our admin Jess is in NC!! Keep us posted on where y’all end up going and we’ll get you hooked up with someone from there if we can! :)


maaargeeery: I just got him back and now he needs to leave again😭 why oh why. But with the little time im really thankful and grateful to have him back for even a bit. We got to know each other more and our relationship got stronger but seriously I'm sad my SO needs to leave again 😔😭 it's his last weekend and what should I do for him before he leaves?

That’s one of the great things, as weird as it sounds, about having such little time together. It forces you guys to cherish every second you have with one another. You could maybe throw him a get together with all of his friends and family so that he has all of the people he loves in the same room. You could plan a whole date day full of his favorite things, or just a relaxing time for the two of you! Whatever you guys like to do!


fomesun: Two weeks until Alexandria and a ton of repairs at our current apartment. But god. I can't even. *screams* The excitement is overflowing. I hear Alexandria, VA is a beautiful place. O_o

That must be incredibly exciting!! I’ve never heard anything about Alexandria, but I hope it IS beautiful!!!


Where Have I Been?

Hey guys!

First and foremost I wanted to tell you all how sorry I am that I’ve been so absent from the blog (if you even noticed, if you haven’t, awkward for me!) The past month or so has been such a crazy busy time for me; I feel like I have so much going on. School’s winding down, so the workload near tripled, and it will continue to do so until finals the first week of may. I also started my new job the last week of march, and I’m there ALL of the time. The days I’m not at school, I’m working, and I’m even working after school some days. I’m beginning to feel like I’m starting to flounder. The money has been great and such a big help in increasing our stability. On top of that, we found a new apartment to move into, and I am SO excited. It’s beautiful a beautiful two bedroom/two bath. There’s a dog park, walking trails, a car care center, and a canoe/kayak launch. Our move in date is June first and I just want it to get here all ready. I’ve been having so much fun thinking about all of the ways I am going to decorate. Simon has been TADing with the USS Mahan for the past month, so he’s been in and out on underways. He’ll finally be done tomorrow, and back to his regular schedule. I feel like I never see him anymore with me always at work, and him either not being here or not getting home until 8 oclock at night. In other news, I’m getting my dog fixed on May 15th (finally!!!!) and my 21st birthday is on May 28th!

That’s basically an update of what’s going on in my life and why I’ve been so MIA. I’m hoping that once school ends I’ll have some more personal time, that way I can get back on here and be more active with the blog again. Again, I’m sorry that I’ve been missing, and if you haven’t noticed, oh well, here’s a synopsis on my life for the past few month!





Anonymous: My ex SO came home today to surprise his family. We started talking about two weeks ago and he told me he wanted to see me and that he missed me, and that his family didn't know he was coming home. It kinda hurt when he said that simply because I always wanted him to surprise me, and when we broke up I didn't think I'd ever talk to him again and got over it. But I'm coming to see him at his house tomorrow and I'm just so upset. I know I don't really have a right to be, but I can't help it. :z

yeah, I mean I understand where you’re coming from. When relationships end that doesn’t necessarily mean that the things that we wanted or were looking forward too just automatically go away too! I am glad that you understand that you can’t really be upset with him though. I’m sure he just didn’t want to cross the awkward line between dating and friends! Just feel anything and everything you want about it.. even vent to a close friend or family who understands but then go tomorrow, see him, have a great time, and just enjoy being in his company!